NOV 4th - Black PeoPle's March speakers

Hear from leaders of the Black is Back Coalition, Hands Off Uhuru Coalition, and imperialist, anti-war,  organizers, activists and community members and others, about issues related to our demands.

*See partial list of speaker below. Speakers below will present at various locations—Washington DC, Los Angeles, London and Pretoria, South Africa.

Chairman Omali Yeshitela

African People’s Socialist Party Chair; Black is Back Coalition for Social Justice, Peace and Reparations Chair


Lisa Davis

Vice Chair, Black is Back Coalition

Mwezi Odom

Hands Off Uhuru Fightback Coalition Chair

Akilé Anai

African People’s Socialist Party, Media & Communications Director

Ralph Poynter

What’s Happening BlogTalk Radio / Political Prisoner Working Group, Black is Back Coalition

Betty Davis

New Abolitionist Movement

Yejide Orunmila

African National Women’s Organization (ANWO)

Efia Nwangaza

Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, former Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee leader and U.N. witness

Amanda Wallace

Operation Stop CPS

Katea Stitt

WPFW Program Director

Zaki Baruti

President General, Universal African People’s Organization (UAPO)

Kamm Howard

Reparations United

Ajamu Baraka

Black Alliance for Peace

Jesse Todd

The People's Alderman

Netfa Freeman

Institute for Policy, DC

Paul Pumphrey

Co-Founder, Friends of the Congo

Roger Wareham

December 12th Movement

Monica Moorehead

United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC) and Workers World

Marsha Adebayo

Bethesda African Cemetery Coalition

Garland Nixon

Nationally syndicated broadcaster and analyst

Mumia Abu Jamal

Political Prisoner (Recorded Statement)

Life Malcolm

Director at Black People's Advancement & Defense Organization

Nancy Mansour

Existence is Resistance

Suzanne Adely

Labor 4 Palestine, National Lawyers Guild President

Harry Simón

Unión del Barrio, Propaganda Difusion

Jenipher Jones

Leonard Peltier Ad Hoc Committee

Lauryn Jackson

International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement

Jesse Nevel

Chair, Uhuru Solidarity Movement

Margaret Flowers

Popular Resistance

Alex Suarez

Revolutionary Alliance

Phil Wilayto

Odessa Solidarity Campaign

Alex Suarez

Revolutionary Alliance

Barry Bendar

New Jersey Green Party

John McCarthy

Center for Political Innovation

Gia Davila

Justice for the Tampa 5, Tampa Bay SDS

Lauren Pineiro

Justice for the Tampa 5, Tampa Bay SDS

Louisiana United International


FoFeet Alkebulan

All African People’s Development & Empowerment Project

Shirminia Geneva

Luci Murphy

Malcolm X Drummers


Foty Fusion

Palestinian music group

los angeles mobilization speakers

Opium Sabbah

The Official Leonard Peltier Ad Hoc Committee / Chair, Jericho Movement

Matsemela Odom

International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement President

Adriana Jasso

Unión del Barrio

Zach Ray

Black Alliance for Peace SoCal

Gloria Verdieu

‘Free Uhuru 3’ - Message From Mumia Abu-Jamal

Penny Hess

Chairwoman, African People’s Solidarity Committee

Bakari Olatunji

APSP Western Regional Rep / Black Is Back Coalition

Kevin Wharton Price

Africa Town Coalition

Tasha Thomas

JOKO Collective

Pete White

Los Angeles Community Action Network

Mark Friedman

LA Hands Off Cuba Committee

Paolo Cruzalegui

Los Ronderos de las Redes

John Parker

Socialist Unity Party

Daoud Khaliq

Black Is Black Coalition / Reparations United Front

Eric Tandoc

Malaya Movement

Ron Gochez

London mobilization speakers

Luwezi Kinshasa - London

Sis. Sheila - Hands Off Uhuru! Hands Off Africa! Germany

Bro. Munzemba - Patrice Lumumba Coordinator

Bro. Sam - Papua Militant InternationaL

bro. Cecil Gutzmore - PACSF

Sis Mesab - Stop The Amhara Genocide

Africa mobilization speakers & ORGS PRETORIA - Sierra Leone - liberiA

Tafarie Mugerie - Pretoria

Morlai Conteh - Sierra Leone

Vistoh Sabisa - West Africa

Mohamed Kamara - Madina Youths

Abdul Wurie - Gaza Youths

Isatu Kargbo - Team 20

Pa. Mohamed - community stakeholder

The above is a partial list of speakers who will present at various locations—Washington DC, Los Angeles, London and Pretoria, South Africa.

Please check back on this page for updates!


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